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Getting a Fake Id From Id Chief


Are you concerned to buy a new fake id? ID chief is your answer, go and get your id from there by paying some amount.

Fake ID

To get an unauthorized identity document which is illegal ethically, morally, socially and politically. For having a fake id, you can be charged with a heavy fine ranging from hundred dollars to thousand dollars and so on, depending on the crime you have committed. It can also end you up in jail for one year to three years or less or more than that depending on the crime you have done in the past.

There are different ways from where to buy fake ids

Getting an Online Fake ID

Getting an online fake id requires a lot of effort. You can get an online fake id by adding and subtracting some details already given on some one’s id. It may be that you go on with the picture and change the font size and style of details. Or else you can change the picture with already given details. It requires to scan an authorized ID and then add or omit the necessary things and then fold it up in some transparent case and cut off the unnecessary part from it.

Id Chief Fake Id Maker

It can cost a lot of money or a little amount of money depending on the complication of your required work. It can be done by some online company or by any other company and will ask for money for your work. It is the best site to buy a fake scan-able ID. It is the best fake ID maker you can come across online on demand for good money pacing with the work and its efficiency.


Customers usually ask for their orders straight after they asked for a fake id. In some cases, customer orders or different IDs from the same email address. This hinders in the confirmation and configuration of the required task to be done. Supposedly a task is generally done but cannot be told because customer only gets the knowledge about one ID on a single email address. For multiple fake ids, a customer must provide id chief with multiple emails, to confirm each fake id on a separate email. This better helps a customer to get a total of all the ID depending on the work to be done by the processor.


Fall sale gets better when two or more people want to have ID together resulting in costing them a low amount of money. It’s like an of buying one get one free that if you order for more than one id at the same time, then you will be charged with less money for your work. Like a lot of shopping from one shop can make you save your money than buying different things or items from different stores or shops. Online shipping also requires money, but some areas or country get their parcel free through free shipping. This free shipping is bound or restricted for particular areas and cities, while others have to pay for it.

Order Processing Time

The order takes time to process as many people around the globe place their orders, and the order gets a number to be done, automatically. There is no need to make a fuss or chaos for your order to be done immediately. It can be done on an urgent basis for more money. For this purpose you have to pay money so, that your order should be provided before time or as soon as possible if you are in a hurry. The average time for any official work to be done is five days. So, in this case, it can take up to five to ten days or more depending on public holidays. These days are only considered on the basis on business days or working days. Otherwise, this can take more time in case of any unexpected holiday.

Online shipping takes time as it takes miles to cover and time to take. It is a time costing task. Your project for fake i.d must be done instantly but needs to travel miles and miles to reach the exact location or by waves. It is difficult for a normal person to know from where to buy a fake id and it is nearly an impossible task for a fake id maker to tell the exact date and timing for the task to be done and shipped. It can never be told as it all depends on circumstances.

Payment Options

There are many payment options for you to pick and choose. It is like you can submit your fee in different branches of the same bank or different banks of the same area or some desired bank as per the details tell. Online fake ID chief maker also offers some platforms for submission of money for desired work. Bitcoin is an easy way for those who use cryptocurrency for worldwide payment options. USD Amazon Gift Codes is another easy and fast way to pay for your money around the globe, regardless of the fact that where ever you live. You can link to the order form for the desired money to be paid by having a look at possible best and easy ways to pay your money for getting a fake ID from ID chief.


For security purpose, ID chief changes the address often form which they send the ID from. In general view for getting a fake id, ID chief maker is the best way to get a fake ID online through a simple and easy way. It only needs to be paid money and requires some general information according to the need in the making of you fake ID. For safer use, they change the address, as mentioned above, and you can go and ask for help online if your desired work is not done correctly or as per your order. Best and possible place to get a fake ID is on the click of your hand, providing you the security and shipping within the time limit.


Visit IDChief here

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