Barbara Bush’s identification crisis

Barbara Bush’s identification crisis

That’s the grade state officials are handing the phony Maryland photo ID that presidential daughter Barbara Bush tried to use last October at Toad’s Place, a bar in New Haven, Conn.

The incident, which was first reported this week by Newsweek magazine, sent Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration officials scrambling to see how good a forgery the 19 year old first daughter had employed.

Their verdict? Close, but not good enough to pass muster in Maryland or even in most discerning out of state bars at least if the bartenders or bouncers have ever seen a real Maryland driver’s license or the similar non driver’s photo ID.

“It’s a reasonable duplicate,” says Andrew S. Krajewski, director of driver education and licensing for the MVA. “It just wouldn’t get very far around here.”

The incident was the latest underage drinking problem for the daughters of President George W. Bush. Both made news last week; idemperor.com twin sister Jenna’s citation was her second run in with police.

Where did the Barbara Bush ID go wrong? Here are the telltale signs:

1. Too much showing. See the photo? (Ignore for a moment the fact it doesn’t look that much like Barbara or Jenna.) The Maryland license is a tighter head shot.

2. What’s this state resident business? Perhaps in an effort to avoid potential prosecution for carrying a fake driver’s license, the card doesn’t say “driver’s license” but “state resident.” Not even an official Maryland non driver’s photo ID says that.

3. Scanned again. Displaying Barbara’s father’s penchant for the political right, the bar code doesn’t extend far enough to the left side of the license.

4. Just exactly where do you live, Hon? Maybe this is getting a little picky, but there’s no 160 Madison Ave. in Baltimore. The real Madison starts downtown as a street, best fake id sites not an avenue, and there’s no 160 on East or West Madison Street. The street doesn’t turn into an avenue until it passes west through Bolton Hill.

The zip code, incidentally, is from Roland Park, where there’s no Madison at all.

5. Holy ghost! See the “ghost” photo on the right side of the license and the state flag at the lower right? They aren’t quite ghostly enough a common forger mistake.

6. Barbara who? The license also used the name Barbara Pierce, perhaps because that’s her paternal grandmother’s maiden name. But as any glance in a Baltimore phone book will reveal, best fake id sites there’s only one listing for a Barbara Pierce.

She happens to live in the Northwest side of town, far from Madison Avenue, and is an employee of the Maryland Department of Human Resources. She’s no 22 year old, and yes, she has she taken a lot of ribbing from friends and co workers this week.

“I’ve never used a fake ID in my life,” says Pierce, who describes herself as single, childless and “over 50.” “The last time I was carded was many a year ago in Ocean City. It made me feel good at the time.”

MVA officials speculate that the fake ID was probably made on a home computer with a high quality scanner. Fake IDs like Bush’s have become so common that the MVA is in the middle of a redesign of the Maryland driver’s license. Officials expect the new license to be unveiled early next year.

The penalty in Maryland for producing or using a fake ID or driver’s license is a fine of up to $500 and jail time of up to two months.

“We’re still interested in finding out where the thing was produced,” says Krajewski, fake identity websites who suspects it was made out of state. “It seems like a person with a good computer system can pretty much do anything they want.”

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