Fake pregnancy belly used in Barrie electronics store theft

Fake pregnancy belly used in Barrie electronics store theft

BARRIE, Ont. Police say a pair of thieves used a fake pregnancy belly to steal numerous items from an electronics store in central Ontario.

Barrie police say the thefts happened Saturday when a man and a woman entered the store in the city south end, both of them communicating on cellphones as they looked around.

It alleged the man took several items out of their packages and that the woman then stuffed the items into the side of the fake pregnancy belly she was wearing.

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Police say the pair, who were captured on security video, scannable fake id left the store and were seen leaving in a silver Dodge Caravan before store security could stop them.

Officers who arrived to investigate decided to contact other electronics stores in the region to advise them of the incident and give them a description of the two suspects.

Police say security at a store in Newmarket reported that the suspects had just left and that employees were able to identify a licence plate as their vehicle left the parking lot.

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