Fake papers cost 6 driving schools their licences

Fake papers cost 6 driving schools their licences

The Andheri RTO has suspended the licences of six driving schools, after a crackdown by the vigilance department showed they had allegedly submitted fake documents to get driving licences for their students.

The Andheri Regional Transport Office (RTO) is in charge of areas from Bandra to Dahisar.

A senior official from the Motor Vehicle Department said the schools had submitted bogus medical certificates, fake address proofs, age proofs and documents on educational qualification .

According to the official, fake ids these schools had even submitted the same documents for more than one applicant.

Prabhakar Bhalerao, Andheri regional transport officer said they have taken action against the six driving schools, but refused to disclose further details.

The schools were identified as Tejan motor driving school, New Tejani motor driving school, scannable fake id Rohit motor driving school, New Rohit motor driving school, Uma motor driving school and Andheriwala motor driving school.

Their licences were suspended on Monday, an RTO official said.

The official said all six schools were given show cause notices to explain their side of the story, idreddit.com but as they failed to provide a justification, the RTO suspended their licences.

There are more than 400 motor driving schools in the city and most of them are registered with the Andheri RTO, which also receives the most applications for driving licences among all three RTOs in the city.

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