Fake Nursing School Closes

Fake Nursing School Closes

Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. The school will shut its doors today and pay back its former students as fully as it can.”In the settlement negotiated by Brown’s office on behalf of the Board of Registered Nursing, Junelou Chalico Enterina, owner and operator of RN Learning Center, which operated on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, agreed to close his business and pay victims restitution of $500, fake id reddit 000. Despite purporting to be a nursing school, RN Learning Center never applied to the nursing board to obtain accreditation as a school of nursing. Three years ago, the board ordered the school to close. The school’s marketing materials promised the program would, “Advance Your Education. Increase Your Earnings. Secure Your Financial Future.” Just as they would in a real nursing school, students took classes in anatomy, fake id microbiology and learned to do sutures. About 50 of its students applied to the nursing board to take the National Council Licensing Examination, which qualifies nursing school graduates to become licensed registered nurses. The students submitted transcripts that were declared fraudulent, so they were unable to meet the eligibility requirements and were not allowed to take the licensing exam. She attended classes for two years, driving 240 miles twice a week from Bakersfield to Los Angeles with her two children. When she raised questions, such as asking about the school’s lack of clinical training, idpurchase.com the staff reassured her. “My children, ex husband, brother, friends and everyone I worked with, can attest to my commitment and sacrifice I made to complete this program, fake drivers license ” she said in a declaration. “We the students have lost a lot.”If you were a nursing student of RN Learning Center, please contact the Attorney General’s Office at (213) 897 2000.

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