sinks fast

sinks fast

ANYWAY, I think this movie should be called “Dumb to You.” No one

does anything intelligent in this movie, and your character is supposed to be in college.

First off, you play a sophomore who falls in love with a freshman at a bar in New York City, one where fake ID’s are OK and everybody’s allowed to smoke inside. The only realistic thing is that Julia’s character, Imogen, plays that Dee Lite song “Groove Is in the Heart” on the jukebox and everybody goes nuts and tries to dance to it. The movie seems like it was also made before you were in “She’s All That,” where you played pretty much the same character only he was in high school, with cooler friends, a better wardrobe, a way cooler soundtrack and more fantastic choreography.

First Felicity cuts her hair, now this. scannable fake id

The things we do love about your character, Al, is that he wants to be a chef, is super fashion conscious and straight (and

doesn’t have to shop at Abercrombie to prove it). But the movie is basically about how two 21 year olds can pretend they’re that couple from “Mad About You” before they even get their degrees. (Yuck.) This is ironic, because Julia looks like and is just as annoying in the way she fidgets, stutters, fake cries and pretends to downplay her great skin by using her deep voice to let us know she’s smart, too.

Aside from having a name that sounds like something my dad uses to thicken his hair, Imogen is also really pretentious: She uses “summer” as a verb, pretends to know the words to “Let’s Stay Together,” and asks to “psychoanalyze” Al like she’s in a movie by ‘s creepy, older husband. She also paints. fake drivers license (Why do all the girls in these movies have to be artsy?)

JULIA’S character (I just can’t type that name again) is so beneath yours. And take your mind out of the gutter, Freddie, you know what I mean.

Besides, after Al has a sexual problem, all you two do is kiss with your clothes on, your eyes open and in a twin bed. This movie reminded me of my Sundance Channel loving older brother’s student films that are always inspired by the two things he knows anything about: TV sitcoms and the only girl he ever dated.

And when my friend, Chantay, noticed that your version of New York didn’t have any black people, and there was only one Puerto Rican girl, she left to go see “Next Friday” again. scannable fake id But I stuck it out . . . for you. Maybe my friend Stacy was right. Maybe you are for girls who can’t afford Prada. idreddit.com

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