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Parla l’avvocato Gianluca Iaione: “Ecco cosa sapere quando si comprano e si vendono opere d’arte”

The newly formed Art Dealer Academy will start in September with a 170-hour course divided into five months. Several professors: art critics, accountants, legal consultants, neurolinguistic programming experts and lawyers


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Front of the Blog is telling you how the first course in Italy to become a professional Art Dealer is born. We interviewed the founder Marco Antonio Comito, author of the book How to invest in art and sleep peacefully . Then we hosted the intervention of one of the teachers, the art critic Marcello Francolini . Now it is the turn of another teacher, the lawyer Gianluca Iaione, who explains the importance of legal knowledge in the sale of a work of art


By Gianluca Iaione *


Divine and marketable art, sublime or irreverent, is by nature irregular. It lives on ever more mobile limits, free to create and produce masterpieces without prior licenses or authorizations except those of inspiration and talent. But, when it becomes work, it materializes and breaks the cord with the author. It shows itself to be edible and destined for the voracity of those who observe it, contemplate it, love it, or simply possess it. Beauty is naked offered to the sum of the senses but also of profit. It is since then that art – be it fertilization of painting, sculpture, digital art software or the intelligibility of a performance or an installation – becomes fragile and defenseless if it is no longer in the hands of its author and exposed to world out there.


The lawyer Gianluca Iaione


A wild market –  The work of which the artist is conceptually free is alone, destined for the market, sometimes wild. It is there that the law understood as advice and protection emerges, to offer artistic production and its diffusion, shores and paths to follow, avoiding the prison of empty categories and bureaucratized normative axioms. The right understood as a nurturer of that prodigy that is infinitely repeated in the form of art, like a new daily birth of man in the world.

The art critic Marcello Francolini speaks “For the Art Dealers here is a kit of quick judgment” – LOOK

Protection for the buyer and the seller –  This is the spirit with which I will guide the participants in the Art Dealer Academy for the legal form to the use of simple legal guidelines even for a law novice. Right as transparency, education to lawfulness in art transactions. Protection both for the buyer in the purchase and for the private or professional seller, art advisor, gallery, auction house or collector. Practical information on the prevention of the offenses of fake stolen goods and money laundering. Protection of copyright and promotion of the artist in the market with hints and schemes on sector contracts including resale rights.

Watch the presentation of the Art Dealer Academy on Front of the Blog – HERE

Exit from dilettantism –  Definition in the legal world of the figure of the art dealer, largely still practiced in an approximate and amateur form because it is often not supported by a primary knowledge of the law and the delimitation of the field on which the sale and enhancement of assets of customers who invest in art. It will be made in Italy and the rules for the sale and export in Europe and in the world borrowed from the code of cultural heritage. The course includes the essential interaction of the law with art critics and tax experts for the classification of works, the authenticity tests and the advantages of taxation of the sector legislation.

The Askanews agency presents the Art Dealer Academy of Milan – GUARDA

Sharing art –  And again, contractual forms provided by commercial and civil law will be proposed for new solutions of profitability inspired by sharing, the “sharing art” the rental or loan of works of art also for luxury companies. Propose essentially an approach of the right to art as a guarantor of fairness, which strengthens the confidence of the market as the single buyer or collector with the dissemination and application of some fundamental rules and good manners.

The Art Dealer Academy on  Il Giornale :


L’obiettivo – Obiettivo è guidare la figura dell’art dealer alla massima professionalità ed al rinnovamento nella competenza e trasparenza del suo operato nel mondo artistico. In nome dell’arte, innanzitutto, che ci offre capolavori quotidiani che nascono da incontaminate ispirazioni del talento e che tali dovrebbero restare nella potenziale e possibile vita eterna dell’opera a prescindere dal prezzo di mercato che in sè non sarà mai, comunque, un disvalore.

Gianluca Iaione


Docente all’Art Dealer Academy


*Note biografiche:

Avvocato Gianluca Iaione, fondatore e general consuel dello studio legale Iaione and partners, consulente estero per lo studio Marzano Lawyers PLLC con sede a Roma, Salerno e New York. Esperto in diritto societario, in materia di sviluppo del rating di legalità d’impresa e di responsabilità amministrativa di enti, società e associazioni ex D. Lgs. 231/2001. Auditor, ODV, expert in compliance aziendale 231/01 certificazione KHC ISO 17024. Specializzato in diritto penale dell’arte moderna e contemporanea e relatore in convegni sul diritto penale e civile in materia di compravendita e falsificazione di opere d’arte. Ha partecipato al Negotiations and Contracts for Artists and Art dealer in the US Law, di New York. Ha collaborato con Gaetano Apostolico per approfondimenti fiscali sulla collezione come nuovo strumento d’investimento; sulla circolazione dell’opera in Italia e all’estero; il valore dell’IVA, tasse e rendimenti; l’Art bonus; il passaggio generazionale.



Our video on the Art Dealer Academy:











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